Miya LeBlue never intended to open a bike shop on Main Street in downtown Nowhere.  But sometimes life does not go as we dream or plan. Sometimes what happens is better.

In build a blue bike:

 Set in a fictional town called Nowhere, you will find key concepts presented metaphorically about entrepreneurship, sales, motivation, risk taking and mindset in each story you read. At the end of each story you will find a lesson in the form of both personal essays and a group discussion format. Designed for all ages, build a blue bike will take you on an eduTaining journey into your entrepreneurial mind.    


               Welcome to downtown Nowhere. Your journey starts here.

Meet 'build a blue bike' shop owner Miya LeBlue. Learn why Miya came to own a build it yourself bike shop as well as what motivates her customers to want to buy the blue bikes she sells.

18 Stories, Timeless Entrepreneurial  Lessons